1)      How much does it cost?
$20. We do not charge extra for anything!

2)      How long does it take?
Your resume will be complete in 3-5 business days. This is because during the conversion process, we may need to contact you by email to confirm some of your information. Be sure to check your email daily after you submit!

3)      I don’t have any professional job experience, but I did some volunteer work. Can I still get a resume?
Absolutely. The cool thing about RFR is that you don’t need professional experience in order to have a resume created for you. We can use your volunteer time to your advantage, it totally counts as experience!

4)      What if I don’t have professional or volunteer experience, but I’ve done work in my household for my family?

See answer for (3). We can use experience at home for your resume as well! Have you taken care of an elderly neighbor? Do you have babysitting experience? If so, we can do it!

5)      Do I have to give out any personal information (such as SSN#, Driver’s License #, etc.)?
No, we will never ask for any of your personal information, with the exception of your contact information and address.

6)      What are my payment options?
We accept Paypal and cash.

7)      How do I start?
Click on the “Get Started” tab to begin!